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What is Florence El Luche's net worth and beauty bar?

Florence El Luche will be seen opening her new beauty bar on Love and Hip Hop: Miami, which may have fans wondering what her net worth is.

During the September 27th episode, American musician Florence El Luche will show she isn’t just in the hip hop industry, but making moves in beauty.

While the reality TV show is primarily music-based, several cast members are entrepreneurs in their own right, including Florence El Luche.

From Flo’s beauty bar to net worth, Reality Titbit has the lowdown on all of the star’s business ventures. Here’s what her 2021 resume says…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

What is Florence El Luche’s beauty bar?

Florence El Luche’s beauty bar is called Riske Kollection.

It is the biggest beauty bar in South Florida, which opened in May 2021, despite only just airing on Love and Hip Hop: Miami.

The salon, which is covered head to toe in pink sparkly wallpaper, offers a range of treatments often featured across Florence’s social media.

Riske offers hair installs, makeup, nails, facials, massages – regular and post-operation – lashes, and more!

There is also a number of wigs and hair products available to buy. You can visit the bar at 3190 S State Rd, 7 Ste 10, Miramar, Fl, 33023.

Love and Hip Hop: Florence’s net worth

Florence El Luche has a net worth between 64K and 82.4K.

On YouTube alone, the musician reportedly makes $14,458 a year. It is also thought that Love and Hip Hop cast members make $17,000 to $400,000.

As each salary depends on their popularity, and Florence El Luche is a new cast member, she is likely to be given a lower salary than some OG stars.

Her net worth has increased significantly within a year, going from a revenue of $15.4K in 2020 to $77.2K in 2021!

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What else does Florence El Luche do?

Having more recently started producing music, Florence’s first single was released in 2019, and is continuing to have success in the industry.

Since then, she has made five singles available to listen to on Spotify, along with a number of music videos to view on her Youtube Channel.

Often posting her luxurious lifestyle, Florence’s Instagram features many modelling shots and videos of her live performances on stage as an artist.

As well as having talent as a singer, dancer and model, in a post from Florence’s appearance at the Prestigious Haitian Music Awards in 2020, she can be seen accrediting her dress as made by herself.

So that adds being a fashion designer to her list of skills!



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