Forged in Fire: Buy knives inspired by the History show!

A group of bladesmiths aim to impress judges by creating cutting-edge knives on History’s Forged in Fire. Here’s where you can buy them…

As part of a three-round elimination competition to forge bladed weapons, there are quite a variety of knives used in the Sky series.

In some episodes, the bladesmiths begin with the same material, but are sometimes given items like a junked car or lawnmower to make them.

So where can viewers buy the Forged in Fire knives? Let’s find out!

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Where to buy Forged in Fire knives

The official Forged in Fire knives and cutlery sold are inspired by the series.

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A variety of knives are on offer, ranging from $9.95 to $49.95.

The cheapest option is a knife sharpening service, while the most expensive is a 4-piece steak knife set and large meat cleaver.

Their 8-inch chef knives, which have been popular amongst viewers, which comes with a 3.5-inch paring knife, costs $29.95 in a 2-piece set.

Each knife has ‘Forged in Fire’ engraved by the handle.

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Do the knives need to be sharpened?

The website, run by History, recommends that knives should be sharpened.

It states that doing so is “important for safety as well a performance”.

The Forged in Fire shop also states it will sharpen your knives as often as needed for three full years from your purchase date.

Their master knife sharpeners will hand clean, sharpen, and polish your blade until it is razor sharp and as close to “like new” as possible.

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What happens to the show’s winning knives?

The winner of Forged in Fire doesn’t get to keep their weapon, as it is usually placed on the winner’s wall.

Although, they are given $10,000 for their prize, so they could just recreate the same knife again…

However, the losing contestants get to have their knives back!



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