Who is Frenchy on Swamp People? Age and wife of fisherman explored!

Frenchy is one of several fishermen who make their way to the Louisiana swamp during hunting season. So, who is the History star?

He is often seen alongside co-star Gee, as they make a living by taking a boat along the Atchafalaya Basin to catch alligators.

As series 12 continues to air on Sky History, viewers are getting to know more about Frenchy as he takes on alligator hunting season.

So, who is Frenchy on Swamp People? Let’s get to know him. We explored his age and love life, as well as his career history…

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Who is Frenchy?

Robert “Frenchy” Crochet returned to Swamp People for season 12, having originally joined in 2016 and later leaving the show for a while.

Alongside his best friend Gee, he has returned to the water again, despite retiring from gator hunting several years back.

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He decided to return as a result of the population growing uncontrollably.

When not hunting, the Houma native manages bee hives, harvests sinker Cyprus trees from the swamp, and raises cattle.

He’s also on the lookout for a pesky bear that lives behind his house!

Robert “Frenchy” Crochet: Age

  • Around 55 years old

Although it is not publicly known when Frenchy’s birthday is, he was reported to be 52 years old in July 2018.

So, it’s likely that the lifelong commercial fisherman would currently be in his mid fifties in May 2021.

The gator angler is clearly experienced in the industry, so it can be assumed that he grew up hunting at the Louisiana swamp.

Does Frenchy have a wife?

  • According to social media, Frenchy appears to be single

However, it looks like Frenchy may be a father, as he has been tagged in a “Happy Father’s Day” post on Instagram.

Looking through his profile, both on Facebook and Instagram, there are no signs of a potential wife. But he may just prefer to keep his love life private.

He revealed that both his and Gee’s families get together every Monday to watch the show, during a 2016 interview with Houma Today.



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