From Bosnian refugee to $300m empire, Sanela Diana Jenkins is an inspiration
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From Bosnian refugee to $300m empire, Sanela Diana Jenkins is an inspiration

Fans have been waiting on the literal edge of their seats for the next season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills to drop after the explosive ending to Season 11 last year with Erika Jayne’s legal troubles and the general beef between the ladies.

However, fans aren’t just looking forward to an update on our OG housewives, they are just as excited to meet the new ladies joining the group, Sanela Diana Jenkins is one of those that we particularly can’t wait to meet.

Reality Titbit did some digging on the new reality star and it’s safe to say she has had a very interesting and exciting life and we can’t wait for her to join our favourite housewives. Keep on reading to find out more about her whopping net worth and exciting career as a philanthropist and businesswoman.

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Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star | Official Teaser | Netflix

Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star | Official Teaser | Netflix
Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Meet Sanela Diana Jenkins

Sanela is a 48-year-old mother of three, philanthropist, business owner and ex-wife of British bank financer, Rodger Jenkins.

Jenkins had a troubled childhood at the start and her luxury lifestyle in California was something she never could have expected. Sanela is a Bosnian refugee, she was born in Bosnia but her life was turned upside in 1992 during the Serbian takeover.

Sanela and her family were forced to flee their country to safety, they spent a year in Croatia before moving permanently to London, England. Here Sanela made the most of her opportunities and got her degree in computer science and economics from London City University.

The mother of three has always had a business mind set and almost immediately after university she successfully launched her own swimwear line called Melissa Obabash but this was just the start, she now owns multiple businesses that are all incredibly successful.

Jenkins is the founder and CEO of popular drinks brand Neuro, the drink is very well recieved among social media influencers and has even been promoted by Kim Kardashian.

These arent her only business endeavours as the star is also involved in other businesses such as D Empire Entertainment which is a full-service music label.

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Sanela’s net worth is out of this world

According to celebrity net worth, Sanela’s estimated to be worth, wait for it… $300,000,000. Yes, you read that right. While the majority of this fortune has come through her divorce from her ex-husband Rodger, she has also made a lot of it herself through her different businesses.

Sanela now lives a lavish lifestyle in Malibu, California in a beautiful 3-acre clifftop home with many celebrity neighbours. No wonder Bravo nabbed her up as a new housewife!

The philanthropist was married to Barclay’s banker Rodger Jenkins for over a decade and during this time they had three beautiful children together. Sanela described their divorce as “the happiest divorce ever” – and no wonder, she made close to 300 million dollars out of it.

Sanela is a philanthropist and actively involved in charity work

Aside from running and owning multiple businesses, Sanela dedicates a lot of her spare time to being a philanthropist and helping others in need. In 2002 she opened the Iris Catic Foundation in memory of her brother who was killed during the war by the Serbians.

Aside from this, in 2010 she also founded another organisation with actor Sean Penn called the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization which was created to provide emergency medical care for victims of the earthquake.

Jenkins has also held fundraisers for the Elton John Aids Foundation and even posted bail for the former Bosnian president who was detained in the UK on a Serbian extradition request.


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