Survival Of The Fittest will not be winning any reality TV awards.

Hell, it might not even relaunch for a second series.

Despite the first episode hitting more viewership figures than the initial launch of Love Island back in 2015, the SOTF numbers dramatically fell.

Within a few days, ratings were down by nearly 50%. And, by grand final time, a lot of people had completely switched off.

Realitytitbit caught up with Survival Of The Fittest contestant Georgia Cole to find out why the new ITV2 series failed to take off.

Georgia, what was the problem?

I think after Love Island, people were expecting characters to be falling head over heels for each other on Survival Of The Fittest.

The idea was to allow us to fall in love but everyone was stuck in this boys vs girls mentality.

At the end of the day, we were two separate teams and no-one wanted to sleep with the enemy.

No-one actually wanted to fall in love, it was all about empowering the girls and sticking up for them.

Basically, there was no way of competing with Love Island…


I think people were tuning in, realising there wasn’t really much going on in terms of relationships, and then changing the channel.

How were the challenges? 


With all the filming, we were there for four or five hours a day doing a challenge, which obviously you don’t realise when you watch the show.

Once we got back to the villa it was all about chilling out but people were too knackered to properly flirt.

There was a week where Dave (Lundy) had to get me out of bed every morning.

Would you sign up for a SOTF 2?


I would love to be back on the show and, to be honest, now that I know what gets you more air time, I would make sure I kick off even more.

If could bring your own team of girls, who would it be?

One would have to be Charlotte (Crosby) from Geordie Shore.

I think she’s absolutely bonkers and she would give anything a go.

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I’d also like to bring back Jenny (West) because she was super strong in the challenges, and Sam (Dewhurst) cus’ she was my close friend on the show.

Maybe Katie Price as well, I know she’s a bit old now but she would create some great TV.

Georgia is looking for her next appearance on TV, which could be as a holiday rep on ITV2 series Ibiza Weekender.

Follow her on Instagram @missgcole.

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