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How did Gia Banks get her scar? Legendary fans question what happened

You may know Gia Banks from leading a house on dance show Legendary. Now, fans are questioning where her scar came from.

Since she has been showcasing her choreography and dance skills on the HBO Max series, Gia – also known as Gia Tisci – is becoming more popular.

Gia, a trans activist and legendary figure in Los Angeles’s House and Ball community, is now being questioned about how she got a facial scar.

The more she becomes known by viewers, they grow in concern about what happened to her, which could have led to getting a scar.

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Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images

How did Gia Banks get a scar?

  • Gia was born with a cleft lip, and was left with scarring after surgery

During a Behind The Runway profile, the Legendary dancer’s mom revealed how Gia got a facial scar.

She was born with a lateral “harelip”, which is a type of cleft lip. It extended around two inches on both sides of her mouth.

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Gia had three surgeries to fix the cleft lip, which left her with the facial scar.

When did Gia Banks get surgery?

  • Although Gia was born with the cleft lip, she had to wait until she was a little bit older to get the surgery

Gia began to get upset when her mom spoke about her cleft lip and surgery.

Her mom said that she was a beautiful baby, but that the doctor revealed there was something wrong shortly after Gia was born.

She then had to wait a while to remove the cleft lip, as the doctors could not perform surgery soon after her birth.

The dancer later enrolled at dance school aged five, before coming to terms with her trans identity aged 16 or 17, during the 11th grade.

Gia Banks’ mom addresses her facial scar

During the Behind The Runway profile, Gia shared her life story, including when she decided she wanted to do modelling.

After telling her mom the decision, she asked Gia: “How you gonna model with a scar on your mouth?”

This didn’t stop Gia, and she went on to become successful in all areas of her life, from being a trans activist to becoming the House of Tisci mother.

Her mom later revealed:

I’m so proud of her. She didn’t let her scars stop her at all.



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