Fans are going wild on Twitter and social media as a new cast member joins the Gold Rush team and it’s not your usual suspect! Damian Browne has come all the way from Ireland to join the team in their quest to find gold.

Damian has a pretty exciting life and has been everything from a professional rugby player to an extreme adventurer and will most definitely make a great addition to the team. Keep reading to find out more about Browne.

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White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch | Official Trailer | Netflix

White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet the ex-rugby player Damian Browne

Damian Browne is most known for being a former Irish professional rugby player turned extreme adventurer. He was born in Galway, Ireland on 17 May 1980 making him 41 years old.

Browne has been playing rugby all his life and was quickly snapped up by Ireland at the under 21 levels and began his career with the Galwegians before signing a contract with Connaucht in 2001.

Since then he has played for multiple teams life Northampton Saints, Leinster and Fionn Carr. No wonder Browne is so good at rugby, the athlete comes in at an impressive 6″5 (1.96m) and weighs a hefty 19st3 (122kg.)

Damian Browne. Picture: Damian Browne: I can’t swim and I rowed across the Atlantic Ocean | TSC Vodcasts

Damian changed his career path to be an extreme adventurer

Now that Damian is older he has said goodbye to his rugby career and has chosen to live a life filled with adventure. The ex-rugby player describes himself as an “explorer internally and externally.”

He has travelled to some amazing places in his life such as the Caribbean and Mexico and has even climbed Mount Everest. Speaking of extreme adventures Damian also took part in “freezebury” this February which is a difficult challenge where participants must get into an open body of water every day for the month, for the equivalent about of minutes to the day, for example, day one = one minute, day 28 = 28 minutes.

Damian loves to push himself to his limits but also makes a conscious effort to let his followers know that the things he does are very dangerous and highlights the importance of preparation.

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Damian plans to row from NYC to Galway

When we say Damian likes his extreme adventures, we meant it! The Irishman’s latest project is called @projectpower2022, where during the summer, he and his friend, Fergus Farrell will be rowing 3000 miles from New York City to Galway in Ireland across the ferocious Atlantic, all by themselves.

To most this would seem terrifying, however, Damian seems over the moon in his promo post and said:

Two men endeavouring to achieve something extraordinary.
Two men endeavouring to maximise their time on this planet by exploring their physical & mental potential.
Two men endeavouring to live courageously and authentically; expressing their deepest selves through modern adventure.
Two men endeavouring to expand their friendship & create beautiful life memories together.

Damian Browne, Instagram

The team have already raised over £23,000 for the project and once their trip is complete they will be releasing the footage as a documentary and book.



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