Good Bones is one of HGTV’s crowned jewels. The show is already in its sixth season and its popularity is soaring still.

The show premiered this season’s first episode on June 29, and episode 2 will release on July 6.

Given that the show’s matriarch Karen Laine has taken a step back from reality TV this season, her daughter Mina is left to handle a lot of challenges alone.

Mina on Good Bones has already been a fan-favourite however, now fans are keener to learn all about her personal life.


Who is Good Bones star Mina Starsiak’s father?

We all know that understanding the Starsiak family tree is a bit of a mental exercise. However, the mother-daughter duo has explained it in its full glory.

The question complicated family tree came up during a behind-the-scenes clip during Good Bones Season 2. Back then Karen and Mina explained that the HGTV star’s father is Casey, an American board certified-orthopaedic surgeon.

The surgeon received his osteopathic medicine degree from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and reportedly specializes in fracture care and sports injuries.

Karen and Casey had three children while they were married, Mina, William and CR.

Despite his ex-wife Karen and daughter Mina’s huge reality TV success, the surgeon prefers to remain low key. Hence little is known of his present life.

Starsiak family tree explored

After divorcing Karen, Casey went on to marry a woman named Cheryl and had two children, with her Jess and Tad. We know from Good Bones that Tad is very close to both Karen and Mina.

He is also the project manager of Two Chicks and a Hammer, the HGTV stars’ highly successful company.

After splitting from Casey, the Good Bones star married a man named Randy and they had a daughter, Kelsey.

However, this is where the Starsiak Family tree gets complicated. Lenny, the contractor on Two Chicks and a Hammer is Cheryl’s ex-husband. After her split from Casey, Cheryl and Lenny remarried making him Tad’s stepfather.

Karen on the other hand divorced Randy and married another man named Mick. After separating from her third husband Karen got hitched to Roger, whom she is still married to.

A look into HGTV show’s Season 6

Before taking a deep dive into Good Bones season 6, let us tell you that the HGTV show has already been renewed for the seventh season.

And while season 6 has just begun, we do have a lot of clues about how this season is gonna go, thanks to a certain interview Mina did with The List.

The home-renovator revealed that filming the sixth season during the pandemic, posed a lot of difficulties on the cast and crew.

This season we will see the 32-year-old juggling both hectic work and home life, as she has two kids now. Also, Karen is set to retire and spend some time with her husband. This means Mina will be left all alone to juggle their renovation projects.

She will no longer be discussing floor plans and other work-related stuff with her mum on Good Bones season 6.

Meet Karen & Mina | Good Bones Trailer | HGTV

Meet Karen & Mina | Good Bones Trailer | HGTV

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