Grayson Chrisley's sparkling teeth with and without braces revealed

Grayson Chrisley's sparkling teeth with and without braces revealed

Grayson Chrisley is seen digging into a huge ice cream sundae, as a result of getting his braces removed. What do his teeth look like now?

The Chrisley Knows Best younger sibling has shared his childhood on The USA Network, with fans watching him blossom from a young age.

During that time, there has been several changes, from Grayson suddenly towering over his brother Chase, to him getting his teeth braces off.

Viewers may want to bask in the delight that Grayson has grown up and been able to get his braces removed… Lots of ice cream please!

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Viewers react to Grayson’s new teeth

Since Grayson revealed he had his braces off, viewers congratulated him, and remarked on how grown he has become.

With some even shocked that he is no longer eight years old, they encouraged him to eat the junk food that he wishes to eat… like ice cream!

One fan asked the family on Twitter: “How old does Grayson have to be before y’all give him the standard fake family teeth?”

Another said on Instagram: “I know how you feel Grayson!!! Best feeling getting getting braces off!!!!”

Some fans previously said he could get fake teeth, assuming that his family have had their own teeth done to appear straighter.

Grayson Chrisley with braces

Before getting braces, Grayson’s teeth appeared to be wonky and crooked.

Then in July 2019, he was seen with braces on his top row of teeth, which several viewers thought made him look like Chrisley as a young girl.

In 2016, it was clear that Grayson may need to get braces, as his teeth were not straight while growing up.

However, his teeth have completely transformed since getting them off!

In 2019, Grayson was supposed to go to the dentist to get braces, but the procedure included fixing an extension into his mouth to widen it.

His parents Julie and Todd did not tell him this at the time, with the reasoning that Grayson has anxiety and they didn’t want to worry him.

Chrisley Knows Best: Grayson’s teeth

Grayson now has a set of pearly whites after getting his braces off.

He was recently seen in a preview clip tucking into a mountain of ice cream, which he justified by saying he couldn’t eat it with braces in.

Although his family told him that does not mean he should be eating the ice cream, he didn’t seem to agree, much like his fans.

Grayson looks completely different with his straightened teeth, and seems keen to show them off at any possible chance.

It also makes the 15-year-old appear older!



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