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Has Joe Gorga quit RHONJ? The star storms off stage saying "I quit!" during heated row

After an incredibly intense part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion as well as an even more intense promo trailer, fans have been left wondering about Joe Gorga’s status as a cast member on the show after it appeared that he quit after storming offset during the promo screaming, “I’m done. F–k you people. You know what? I quit!”

The heated moment came after a very intense three-part reunion that we are still yet to finish after his sister, Teresa Guidice, called him a “b***h boy” after arguing throughout what seems to be the entire reunion. 

Now fans are wondering about Joe’s future on the show and if he genuinely quit that day at the reunion. Reality Titbit has all the details about what went down, check it out. 

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Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Did Joe Gorga quit RHONJ?

He did announce during the reunion that he quits, however, we don’t know yet if this was 100% true or if it was an outburst during a moment of anger. We still have two more parts of the reunion to see so hopefully we will know more by the time the series ends. 

The shocking announcement from Gorga came after his sister called him a “b***h boy” to which Joe left in a rage saying, “you’ve gotta stop talking me down.”

They also had an argument at the start of the night backstage before they even began filming the reunion where Teresa was caught yelling at Joe about Margaret saying, “I wish you would tell f–king Margaret [Josephs] to shut the f–k up.”

The argument stemmed from Margaret questioning Teresa’s now-fiance, Louie Rueles, for pretty much the entire season. 

Teresa was furious that Joe didn’t stand up for her

During the first part of the reunion, Teresa implied that Margaret’s husband needed a “slapping”, saying to her brother on stage, “This f–ker and his wife talking about my f–king boyfriend. You should be slapping him upside his f–king head.”

Joe was clearly over the arguing by this point and ended up walking off set saying, “You know what? Be a sister once in a while.”

As we said, we are left not knowing Joe’s future on the franchise, but we hope as the reunion episodes continue to air that we will find out more. 

Andy confronts the Louie rumours

We will also get to see Andy confront Teresa’s beau about the rumours during the next few parts of the reunion. In the trailer we see Cohen asking, “There’s road rage incidents, slashed a girlfriend’s tire, physical abuse in front of kids. Is any of it true?”

All we see in the trailer is Louie looking away nervously, so we will have to wait for the next parts to find out his response. 

The three-part reunion has already started with the first part released on Tuesday, April 27. You can catch up on the first episode on Hayu and Bravo now. The second and third parts will be released the following Tuesdays at 8pm.



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