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How Tanya Bardsley recovered from her Celebs on the Ranch accident - the secret cure which helped her broken back!

Celebs on the Ranch is proving itself to be a fab new addition to 5 Star’s TV line up.

After kicking off on Monday, April 1st, the show will air every weeknight until its finale on Friday, April 12th.

But it has not been all fun and games for the celebs living out their cowboy fantasies in Arizona, as Tanya Bardsley found out…

Here’s what you need to know about Real Housewives of Cheshire star’s recovery from her equine accident and her secret to getting better.

Tanya being airlifted to hospital.

What happened to Tanya?

Tanya has been one of the stars of Celebs on the Ranch, cracking up viewers with her ineptitude for activities such as horse riding.

But it led her to some real problems.

While riding her horse, Hollywood, Tanya fell off and fractured her back in three places.

How did Tanya recover?

A source told The Sun back in December 2018:

She’s been having therapy and been to see lots of specialists but they’ve all told her not to move too much.

Reportedly, Tanya’s biggest concern was whether her injury and ongoing treatment would spoil the family’s Christmas.

From the looks of her and her hubby’s Insta posts over the hols, their Christmas looked as joy-filled as you’d expect.

Tanya’s secret cure!

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Tanya revealed one of the ways she recovered from the accident… CBD oil!

Speaking on its medicinal qualities, Tanya said:

I’ve started taking CBD oil. I broke my back when I was filming and fractured it in three places and the pain… one of the side effects is that it helped my mental health.

Tanya is so sold on the benefits of CBD oil – which is legal in the UK – that she now sells the product in her wellness shop Tanya Bardo Boutique.

Has she fully recovered now?

Although no comment has been made by Tanya nor the Celebs on the Ranch team about her accident and she has yet to post about it, it would seem she is back to her usual self.

Around the time of the accident – between November and December 2018 – Tanya was not as present on her social media, we’re guessing because she was bedbound and recovering for the majority of that time!

She hasn’t been papped out as much as she used to, but from the looks of her regular Instagram posts, she has fully recovered.

We will have to wait and see in the episode what will unfold with Tanya’s accident.

What episode does the accident happen?

Tanya’s accident will happen in episode 5 of Celebs on the Ranch.

This is air on Friday, April 5th on 5Star.

It will be available to watch on Channel 5’s catch up service, MY5 after broadcast.



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