Chantel and Pedro, who usually share glimpses of their relationship on The Family Chantel, have been airing their issues on TLC. From whether he was unfaithful, to questions about a possible divorce, fans have serious concerns.

The couple went from strength to strength on 90 Day Fiance, before Chantel decided to launch her own show.

Her marriage with Pedro Jimeno has faced some issues, such as the question of whether he slept with Coraima or not. Many viewers are now wondering if the couple may have divorced as a result – Reality Titbit can reveal the latest.

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The Family Chantel: Chantel and Pedro’s relationship

Chantel and Pedro are in a good place in their marriage, which has allowed him to focus on his family.

They have had several relationship issues, such as the question of whether he slept with Coraima. His sister Nicole, who appears to be good friends with her, claimed he did.

After she made the claims, Pedro tried to get his sister under control before a glass broke, and the police arrived. He did not confirm whether he was unfaithful or not.

When the couple featured on 90 Day Fiance, it came out that Pedro and a woman called Coraima danced all night when he returned to the Dominican Republic. He also had taken off his ring and pretended to be single.

However, when they had gone to Panama City for a vacation together, Chantel also found a different dancing partner.

Recently, Pedro has met up with his parents, which includes addressing his mother’s affair. Although Pedro remains devoted to wife Chantel, his mother, sister, and grandmother all normalized affairs and cheating.

Did Chantel and Pedro get a divorce?

No, Chantel and Pedro continue to be happily married in 2021. However, 2018 was a different story, as Pedro’s mother wanted them to get divorced during their time on 90 Day Fiance.

They also faced issues with Pedro thinking that Chantel’s family are “never going to trust him”. Her parents had become suspicious of his intentions three years ago, and actually tried to investigate his family situation.

It wasn’t just the parents who had concerns, but his sister, too. She told Chantel: “Divorce him, period.” Then in September 2018, they sparked split rumors when Chantel was seen without her wedding ring.

A month later though, Chantel seemed to deny rumours by sharing a photo of Pedro on her Instagram Story.

Now, in 2021, the last photo of Pedro and Chantel appears to have been taken in February.

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Fans also think Chantel may be pregnant

Despite the rumors, Chantel and Pedro are not currently pregnant. However Chantel’s brother Royal and his wife Angenette have announced that they are expecting a boy.

In October 2020, the couple did reveal they “want children”, as reported by Us Weekly. But they did say they are not ready to have their first baby just yet.

They revealed that Chantel wants to finish school first, while Pedro said he does not want to make the same mistakes that his father did, adding that he wants their child to have “school, food, clothes, and toys”.

When asked if they want a family, Chantel said:

Not right now. We practice how to make babies, but we know we’re not [doing] it yet. We’ve only been practicing the correct way. That’s it.

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