The Legend of Cocaine Island Rodney memes have provided us all with a good laugh, but let’s see what the man himself thinks of it all.

Netflix dropped the hilarious and captivating documentary on the streaming service late last month.

As tends to be the case, it received the meme treatment pretty quickly.

So, what does Rodney Hyden himself think about being the epitome of the Florida Man?

still from The Legend of Cocaine Island official trailer, Netflix 2019

The Legend of Cocaine Island: Rodney

The Netflix doco captures his story brilliantly.

A small businessman – Rodney Hyden – wishing to provide for his family is tipped to believe he can locate $2 million worth of cocaine.

Seizing the opportunity, he embarks on an unbelievable journey. Did he find riches?

Not exactly, but he found meme status.

The Legend of Cocaine Island memes

Rodney has become closely associated with the “Florida Man” meme.


This refers to a Twitter feed which posts strange news headlines focusing on numerous men from Florida.

There are so many examples, but Rodney seems to encapsulate the meme for many.

How does he feel about it?

In an interview with Refinery29, he spoke out.

“I know all about [Florida Man] now. I didn’t know anything about it until I started looking at the reviews… I don’t pretend to be anything but the new image of the Florida Man these days.”

The best thing to do is embrace it! After all, his story really captures the spirit of the meme.


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