Bobby Flay is one of the most well-known celebrity chefs but is he dating someone after his Heléne Yorke split?

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is a familiar face on the telly, from his Food Network series to appearances on morning shows, Bobby knows how to impress millions of people with his recipes.

Bobby also owns several successful restaurants, including Bobby’s Burger Palace which is available across eleven states in the US.

But does this success also translates to his love life? Is Bobby in a relationship after his break-up with Heléne Yorke? Let’s have a look.

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Heléne Yorke and Bobby Flay

Bobby and Heléne Yorke, a Canadian-born American actress, started dating in 2016. Their relationship first came into the media spotlight in a 2017 episode of Beat Bobby Flay when the chef brought her as a judge.

On the show, Bobby revealed that he and Heléne “instantly hit it off”. He said:

“So I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Last season I went to a [New York] Knicks game and I met Heléne. Now we kind of date. We instantly hit it off. I was like who’s this sweet guy? Who knew?”

Bobby and Heléne called it quits in 2019. While the actress has found love again, many fans have been curious if that’s been the case with Bobby as well.

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Is Bobby Flay dating someone?

Bobby has been secretive about his personal life since he and Heléne have split. But based on his social media pictures, he doesn’t have a significant one and we can assume that he is single at the moment.

There are no news reports that the celebrity chef has someone new in his life.

He poked fun at his relationship status in an episode on Beat Bobby Flay when guest judge Fran Drescher questioned if he has a girlfriend.

“What’s your situation? You’re not wearing a wedding ring. You have a girlfriend?” Fran asked to which Bobby replied:

“I’m very single. She kicked me to the curb.” While Bobby didn’t reveal who he meant by “she,” many viewers believe that he referred to Heléne.

Has Bobby Flay been married before?

Yes. Bobby has been married three times before.

His first wife is fellow cook Debra Ponzek who he married in 1991. They were together for two years before they called it quits.

In 1995, Bobby married his second wife, Kate Connelly, who he met on the former talk show Robin Leach Talking Food. The two have one daughter, Sophie Flay, and divorced in 1998.

He was also married to Stephanie March, an actress who starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. They tied the knot in 2005 and got a divorce in 2015.

Bobby hasn’t revealed if he would ever consider another marriage. For the moment, he is still single and occupied with his work as a chef and reality star.


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