The Home Edit‘s Clea Shearer is opening up about her battle with breast cancer as the reality star started her chemotherapy.

Clea has always been vocal about her health struggles and the reality star did not hesitate to talk more about it as she started her chemotherapy. The star first opened up about it on April 7 in an Instagram post.

The news came months before the second season of The Home Edit aired on Netflix. The show has managed to garner millions of fans which has also helped the brand increase its social media presence.

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Clea Shearer shares powerful message

On May 20, Clea revealed that she had started chemotherapy. The reality star thanked the fans for the constant support while sharing more about how her family has been helpful through this all.

She wrote: “Today marked my first day of Chemo. As the day approached, I started sleeping less, worrying more, and even had one big tantrum last night that I can only describe as a child who’s next in line for a huge roller coaster, and last-minute screams, “I can’t do this!! Let me off!” No one was letting me off the ride, but everyone let me cry as long as I needed to. When I was done, I picked myself up, took a walk with the kids, and laughed at Sutton’s jokes. There’s no better medicine than a walk and a laugh.”

Clea revealed she has a “chemo bag” that is filled with blankets, snacks, and supplies for her 4 hours procedure. While chemotherapy can be hard on people’s mental health, Clea admitted she was going to be positive and live each and every day to the fullest.

The first time she opened up about her diagnosis

Clea, who is often seen as a ball of energy on the show, did not hesitate to share her diagnosis with the world. Taking to The Home Edit’s official social media page, the reality star revealed she had found a lump in the last week of February.

She further added that it took a lot of time for her to finally get an appointment. However, when she did, it was found that she had two tumors, 1 cm each. She further added that it was “aggressive and fast-moving.”

Clea admitted the initial reaction to the diagnosis was negative but she decided to stay strong and be positive as she battles breast cancer.

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What we know about Home Edit Season 2

The Home Edit season 2 was released on April 1, 2022. The first season had managed to garner a lot of attention and it came as no surprise that the streaming giant decided to bring a second season for the show.

This time, viewers got to see a mix of celebrities and regular people as the clients. In the show, Clea and her partner, Joanna Teplin also open up about how being on Netflix helped their business grow faster.

Now, the brand even has collaborations with retailers like Target to allow everyone to revamp their house.

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