How did contestant Wendy on The Voice 2021 get hurt?
Screenshot: Wendy Moten Performs "You're All I Need to Get By" | NBC's The Voice Top 8 2021, The Voice YouTube

How did contestant Wendy on The Voice 2021 get hurt?

Wendy Moten has been showcasing her singing talents on The Voice this year. However, she recently was hurt and ended up being left with a hand injury. Now, viewers are concerned about what happened.

She recently performed You’re All I Need To Get By, as well as sang a duet with fellow competitor Paris Winningham.

Although fans loved the renditions, they seemed to be distracted by another thing: Wendy’s hands. Her injuries are a result of an incident which took place on Season 21 of The Voice.

We found out the details of the contestant’s injury, and how she is doing now.

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The Voice | Season 21 First Look Trailer | NBC

The Voice | Season 21 First Look Trailer | NBC

Viewers react to Wendy’s injured hands

Wendy’s determination to keep going – despite being injured – is seriously impressing viewers.

Many think that she deserves to win, both for her singing voice along with her drive to continue in the competition.

Looking through Twitter, Wendy has already got a huge fan base.

One wrote: “Yes Wendy America is like this lady got 2 broken arms we gonna kick her out nahhh sis u still sang good enough to make the semi-finals #TheVoice.”

Another said: “I’m so happy for you Wendy. Praying for a quick recovery with your arms. Let’s win #thevoice and get a record deal. We are beyond ready. @blakeshelton#wendynation.

After the injury, some fans had Tweeted her mentor Blake Shelton about whether Wendy could return.

How did Wendy get hurt on The Voice?

Wendy fell over during the November 23rd episode of The Voice and was taken to hospital.

The contestant had suddenly taken a tumble by tripping on a speaker during a live group performance on the show.

Host Carson Daly said: “Everybody all right? We’ll take a quick second, we just had somebody fall. We okay?”

Following the fall, Wendy was taken off stage, with Carson adding they had some people “coming to help”.

He also said: “Unfortunate event from Wendy Moten, who is walking off and we hope she’s okay.”

She broke her right elbow and fractured her left wrist, meaning she returned to the following episode of the NBC show with casts on both of her arms.

Updates on the singer’s injuries

Wendy is still recovering from the injury, but continues to compete every Monday night.

Her arms are still in casts, but are actually blinged up with diamonds for most performances!

The singer’s latest posts on her Instagram suggest she is no longer in lots of pain. Wendy is definitely putting on a brave face for her fans, whether on the stage or online.

Despite the scary fall, it is likely Wendy’s arms will be back to their usual movement in the coming weeks and months.

If the injury was bad enough, she would have already decided to drop out of the competition altogether.



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