How did Mr Cupcake the dog on Alaskan Bush die?

The Brown family may consist of seven grown children, but there was another member who is no longer around – their dog Mr Cupcake.

He was a large, black fluffy pet who travelled with the family as they lived in extreme conditions – such as zero degree temperatures in Alaska.

During the October 17th episode, the family were seen devastated about the loss of their pet companion. Reality Titbit discovered how their dog died.

Who was Mr Cupcake the dog?

Mr Cupcake was a Belgian Tervuren, known as a sheepdog.

He was thought to be intelligent, obedient, protective and family-oriented.

Bird and Rain were especially close to the family pet, who was a young puppy when he became part of the Browns.

Before he became the tenth member of the wolf pack, Mr Cupcake melted Billy Brown’s heart, who had been looking for a pet for his little girl.

The dog, who the family got in 2015, has ran wild and caused havoc for the Discovery production team!

Mr Cupcake also saw Bear Brown as one of his favourite chew toys…

How did Mr Cupcake die?

Mr Cupcake “just didn’t wake up” one day, according to Bird.

The Brown family heard three shots, which Bear revealed always signifies an emergency, before Bird began crying and saying the dog is gone.

Some fans think he could have died due to the freezing cold weather conditions, but this has not been confirmed by the family.

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Fans send well wishes to family

The episode which paid tribute to Mr Cupcake’s death led to lots of sadness for Alaskan Bush People viewers.

Looking through Twitter, it is not just the family who are heartbroken.

One viewer said: “Awww.. My Heart Goes Out to Them bout Mr.Cupcake. I’ve Lost more than my fair share of Animals. It’s Devastating!”

Another wrote: “I’m very sorry about that! Cupcakes was a member of the family! Another heavy loss for the family!

“My thoughts and prayers are with the whole Brown family!”

“Sorry for their loss. It hard to lose another member of the family”, said another concerned fan.



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