When watching Our Planet, “how did they film it?” was pretty much the question on all of our minds, so let’s consider just how they pulled it off.

David Attenborough’s latest series is absolutely mind-blowing. Most expected it to be yet another standard nature documentary, but it’s so much more than that.

With footage unlike any ever captured, let’s take a look at how they managed to pull off this incredible feat.

still from “Our Planet” episode 1, Netflix 2019

Who made it?

The aforementioned David Attenborough has been bringing audiences miraculous docu-series for ages now.

Our Planet is brought to us by the same people responsible for Blue Planet and Planet Earth. Both are impressive, but this latest effort is in another league.

How did they do it?

Our Planet: How did they film?

It was filmed in over 50 countries. How amazing is that?

Clearly, nothing was off limits for this highly skilled crew. They spent a whopping four years – and change – spanning the globe to present audiences with these jaw-dropping sights.

Remarkably, everything we see was filmed on location; no CGI. That requires craft and equipment.

still from “Our Planet” episode 2, Netflix, 2019

Our Planet: How did they shoot it?

Some of what we see was very dangerous to capture.

The series required numerous camera teams. They made expert use of such resources as drones (those grand aerial shots), infrared cameras and high-definition cameras.

By using a range of lenses, they managed to overcome obstacles of distance.

They approached the content methodically, thinking of the best ways to capture our wild reality. Incredible.


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