How Hardeep teased Ryan Thomas about being a ‘fellow Indian’

Hardeep Singh Kohli has been taking on Ryan Thomas as a ‘fellow Indian’.

The Celebrity Big Brother stars have been enjoying a bromance ever since entering the CBB house.

Specifically, Hardeep has brandished Ryan as a ‘fellow Indian’ while jesting about their cultural differences.

Here is everything we know about Ryan Thomas’s ethnicity and how Hardeep is taking him on as a ‘fellow Indian’.

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Teasing About Ryan’s (lack of) Beard

Ryan Thomas was born on 10th June 1984, in Manchester, England.

However, Hardeep has been teasing him about an Indian heritage.

Hardeep said: Stop being so cute and I wouldn’t be so distracted by your quarter Indian face. And what do you call that? Can’t you grow a proper Indian beard?”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Hardeep.

Ryan’s dad was the lead singer of Dougie James and the Soul Train, who briefly toured with The Jackson Five.

It is believed that Ryan gets his Indian heritage from his dad, although this cannot be confirmed.

The theory makes sense as Hardeep, 49, would know of Ryan’s dad from his music in the 1970’s.


Giving Ryan a Turban

On day six inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, Hardeep made Ryan a turban.

The turban was made to represent the Sikh religion. Hardeep is known to be of Sikh heritage, while the religion also originates from India.

Hardeep said, while dressing Ryan in a turban: OMG that really works for your colouring. You’re pretty muuch the same colour as me, aren’t you? You know what… you would absolutely pass 100% as a Sikh.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Hardeep.



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