After the wedding special of Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries (Wednesday, May 1st), fans got full access to one of this year’s most luxurious weddings.

Billie tied the knot with Greg Shepherd back in…

But how much did this lavish wedding actually cost?

Here’s a breakdown of Billie’s wedding, from her beautiful wedding dress to the stunning Maldives location.

Pictured: Billie.

Wedding dress

Billie wore a wedding dress made by Berta, a bridal couture designer.

These bespoke dresses cost anything between £5000 – £7000!

She later changed into a second dress for the reception, a white playsuit made by Zeynep Kartal, another bridal couture designer.

We can assume this designer brand would make items in the thousands as well…


The wedding was held at the luxurious Kuramathi Maldives resort.

Billie and Greg invited 95 guests to all stay with them on the island, paid for a plane to take everyone out and even provided goodie bags upon their arrival!

When speaking to Phillip Schofield on This Morning back in March 2019, he estimated the cost of all of her guests to stay at the resort for a week at a whopping £229,000.

Billie claims “it wasn’t that much”, but Sam laughed and said her sister didn’t get “much of a deal”, so we can assume the total isn’t wildly off that number!

Total cost?

We estimate that the wedding could cost anything between £136,000 – £270,000 based on the upper and lower averages.

This is including all of the extras of the wedding – goodie bags, flights, cake and catering – which would probably take us up to about £60,000 alone.

Considering the average couple in the UK spent £27,161 in 2017, Billie and Greg went above and beyond for their special day – or week if you like!

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