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tim moonshiners net worth

How much do the Moonshiners make per episode on Discovery?

Moonshiners share their daily job distilling alcoholic beverages on the Discovery show, which leaves fans wondering how much they make.

The Moonshine-making business is a risky one, as they continue to take part in practices following the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s.

Every Wednesday night, viewers get to see a glimpse inside the practice of making Moonshine, a high-proof liquor which can be made illegally.

We found out how much the Moonshiners make per episode on Discovery, alongside their yearly salary coming in from their unique career.

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How much do Moonshiners make?

Some moonshiners claim to make upwards of $200,000 a year without tax.

Those who take part in the liquor distilling practice are thought to make around $200 profit in just over an hour.

According to a RDR2 thread, moonshiners make around $200 per hour, taking into account how long it takes to make the beverage.

Each moonshiner’s earnings vary depending on how successful they are. For example, Josh makes six figures a year by making moonshine!

Their Discovery pay per episode

The Moonshiners stars are said to be paid up to $30,000 per episode. The highest amount is paid to the richest moonshiner, Tim Smith.

However, each cast member’s salary varies based on their TV duration.

While Mark Rogers is thought to earn $5,000 dollars for each episode, some stars, such as Josh, are rumored to be paid a $100K yearly salary!

Reality Titbit has reached out to Discovery for a comment.

The cast members’ huge net worth

Tim Smith, who has also appeared on the show for several seasons has accumulated a whopping $700,000 dollar net worth.

His co-star Mark Rogers’ net worth amounts to around £300,000 dollars.

Josh Owens has a $400K net worth, and is said to generate quite a lot of profit from making the alcohol alone.

Other Moonshiners star Tickle has made a $500K net worth for himself, and is said to have earned over $1 million in the third season alone!



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