How old is Mimi from Outdaughtered? Get to know the Busby's grandmother!

Grandma Mimi is a main figure in the Busby family, who is regularly seen spending time with her six grandchildren. How old is she?

She has lived with Adam and her daughter Danielle Busby, the parents who made history as the first to have all-female quintuplets in the U.S.

Mimi – who is actually called Michelle Theriot – is now on fans’ minds, who wonder how old she is, taking into account that she is a busy grandmother.

So, how old is Mimi from Outdaughtered? Let’s get to know the grandma-of-six who appears extremely close to her family.

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Who is Grandma Mimi?

Michelle Theriot – known as Grandma Mimi – left her hometown in Louisiana to move closer to the Busby family in Houston, Texas.

Shortly after Danielle and Adam’s quintuplet daughters were born, she originally moved in with them after her home was damaged.

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Her home had flooded with more than an entire foot of water as a result of when Hurricane Harvey, which hit southeast Texas in 2017.

In her professional life, Mimi is a realtor working for Keller Williams Realty.

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How old is Mimi from Outdaughtered?

  • 57 years old

Mimi was born on September 3, 1963, making her 57 at the time of writing.

Fans noticed that she is full of energy when spending time with her grandchildren, and questioned how old she actually is.

She usually spends her birthdays in the comfort of her family!

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Mimi Theriot: Family

Grandma Mimi has spent a lot of time helping Danielle and Adam with their children, especially when she lived with them.

Mimi is also called “mama” to twin girls Crystal and Ashley, as well as daughter Danielle on Outdaughtered.

So, while she has six grandchildren on Danielle’s side to look after, she has had some practice – as it looks like twins may run in the family!



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