Monza, best known for starring on Street Outlaws, is usually busy leaving his tracks behind in the car racing world. When he does exactly that, fans wonder how old he is, as well as how much he earns…

Jerry “Monza” Johnston does the job in a jet black ’72 Camaro Rally Sport, and towers above his co-stars at a significantly tall 6 ft 4 in height. He first got his name when he previously drove a Chevy Monza!

However, his experience of driving since the eighties has left viewers curious about his age.

How old is Monza from Street Outlaws?

Monza’s age has not been publicly disclosed, but Reality Titbit estimates that he is in his fifties. This is because he began racing in the eighties, which is when he also got married to wife Tammy Johnston.

The US Street Outlaws Facebook page wished Monza a Happy 50th Birthday on July 21st 2016. Therefore, we can confirm that he is currently 56 years old and due to turn 57 later this year.

Although Monza’s life hasn’t followed a traditional job path, most people get married in their twenties. Therefore, it is safe to say that he tied the knot at 20 years old. Wedding photos of Monza and Tammy appear to be fairly young, too.

Monza’s net worth explored

Monza’s estimated net worth is thought to be around $500K. Having owned several racing cars, he currently drives a set of wheels which are approximately $2.7K in price nowadays.

While the original price for his old car, a Chevy Monza, cost around $14K originally.

Pilgrim Studios reportedly pays Monza’s co-star Big Chief – worth $2million in net worth – $20,000 per episode of the show that makes it to air. So it is likely that Monza may be paid around $10K to $15K, due to his lower net worth.

The Discovery star’s racing history

Monza has hit #1 on The List several times. He’s been driving since the 80’s, been on the list since 2006 and is more calm behind the wheel than most other Street Outlaws.

First appearing on the show in 2013, he was once nicknamed “King of the Streets” after beating co-star Doc in a race and securing the position of number three.

Currently, he stands at number seven on the racing list! With a sinister split bumper, the Discovery star has also seriously customised his car with the following:

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