Love and Hip Hop: Who is Infinity's biological mom?

Love and Hip Hop: Who is Infinity's biological mom?

Love and Hip Hop has followed the journey of Yandy Smith’s adopted daughter Infinity, who occasionally brings up her biological mom.

Although there have been dramas and issues between Yandy and Infinity, they usually manage to work through it, as seen on the VH1 reality series.

The reality star met Yandy during seventh grade, before she became her foster mom when she was in tenth grade at school.

During the August 9th episode, she is seen crying and revealing she feels like her biological mom is putting her “right back out”. But who is she?

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

LAHH: Who is Infinity’s biological mom?

  • Infinity’s biological mom is called Lorraine

Infinity’s mom has six children, including the Love and Hip Hop star.

She appeared on Love and Hip Hop in 2019, when she spoke to Yandy Smith about what Infinity was like while living with her.

Lorraine told Infinity she wanted to see her daughter “prosper” on LAHH.

Infinity’s biological mom said that her daughter used to wait for her to go to sleep, before sneaking out and coming back home at around 2am.

Yandy Smith is now Infinity’s foster mom.

Infinity and her mom: What happened?

  • Infinity left her mom’s home when she was younger

Lorraine previously told Infinity that she had “messed up as a mother” and that she was “sorry she couldn’t be there for her”.

During a meeting between Yandy and Infinity’s birth mom, she said that someone had called children’s services on her to say she was abusive.

Lorraine claimed this was untrue, before saying that the services team wanted to place Infinity somewhere.

However, she then told Yandy Smith that Infinity went to live with her grandmother, but left because she did.

Despite Infinity having Yandy think she grew up in the foster care system, Lorraine claimed that she did not. Some thought Infinity’s mom was lying.

She has admitted that her and Lorraine do still communicate, but that there are some suspicions about her biological mom’s behaviour.

Infinity and Yandy: Adoption timeline

Yandy first met Infinity when she had ran away from home over what she claimed to be neglect concerns, during a mentorship program.

At the time, Infinity was in seventh grade, before Yandy became her foster mom when she reached tenth grade at school.

Infinity was adopted in December 2019, and was was looked after by Yandy. However, she revealed she had been kicked out in March 2020.

Still attending college, she lives by herself, despite Yandy previously wanting her to move in with her and go to school nearby.

Recent episodes show Yandy and Infinity having some issues, but it looks like they have since patched things up between them.



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