Tiffany Haddish is best known for her comedic and acting work. Her recognisable voice has also been featured on Netflix series such as Money Explained and in kid’s movies such as The Angry Birds Movie 2. In 2021, it looks like Tiffany is leaving work behind for a moment and is going back to her roots.

The comedian is visiting the African country of Eritrea in 2021. So, let’s find out more about why Tiffany is travelling there and what she’s experienced so far…

The Bachelor | Full Trailer

The Bachelor | Full Trailer

Why is Tiffany Haddish visiting Eritrea?

Tiffany Haddish is of Eritrean descent with her father, Tsihaye Reda Haddish, being born there.

She now has dual citizenship in both Eritrea and the United States.

Tiffany’s father came to the US as a refugee and later met her mother, Leola.

She first visited the African country back in 2018. And now, following a break-up with her boyfriend of a year, Common, in November 2021, she’s gone back to Eritrea again.

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Tiffany’s Tweets on Turkish Airlines

During her journey to Eritrea, Tiffany has been taking to Twitter to keep her followers updated.

Tiffany travelled over the Christmas period and Tweeted on December 24th: “@TurkishAirlines the way y’all treating me is so not cool I pay over $7k for a Business classes experience on your airline. I feel like I am being treated like shit. You staff of men have been dismissive and rude to me. And now I am stuck in Istanbul Airport“.

On Christmas Day, she wrote: “This trip make me want to smoke a whole pack of cigarettes” and added that she was stuck in Dubai.

Tiffany Haddish is honored in Eritrea

Despite Tiffany having a stressful journey from the US to Africa, she received a warm welcome from her father’s village when she arrived in Eritrea.

The actress and comedian has been given a plaque which reads: “Tiffany Tsehaye Hadish, Residence, Geza Keren, Eritrea.”

She wrote on Instagram on December 28th: “I am so happy to be welcome by my Grandfather’s village so warmly. I Love my People“.

Tiffany could also be seen dancing with her Grandfather’s village wearing an Eritrean flag in her IG post.

Following the more formal events, Tiffany later went for some spa treatments in Asmara. She wrote on Instagram that she had butter put in her hair, turmeric and honey on her face, sesame oil all over her body and “butter in her hot box” before getting a vaginal smoking treatment.

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