Irina and Dhruv feature in The Big Day on Netflix, as they plan their Indian wedding. So, are they still together in 2021?

It is the extravagant series which follows couples as they plan the wedding of their dreams, and Irina and Dhruv appear in the first season 2 episode.

Love across borders never stopped the couple, who come from completely different racial backgrounds. Their romantic story may woo your hearts!

But the question is, where are Irina and Dhruv now? How is their marriage going if they are still together, and what else are they up to?

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Who are Irina and Dhruv?

Irina, from Russia, and Dhruv, from India, are an interracial couple who first met each other at a bar.

While Dhruv was in New York, he had gone on many dates, but then just as he was leaving, he met Irina through common friends.

Having exchanged numbers, it was initially thought that their relationship would be long distance, as they had a 12-hour different between them.

Dhruv lived in Hong Kong, while Irina was residing in New York.

They had both connected over being the first generation in the US, having travelled there from young ages.

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The Big Day: Irina and Dhruv’s story

The couple took a big leap to be with each other, and made the move to New York so they wouldn’t be long-distance.

He proposed at the Lake Palace in Udaipur one weekend, around Irina’s birthday – and her parents kept it a secret for a month!

Irina and Dhruv then got married at the Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur.

Their ceremony was attended by their families, as Irina donned a pastel peach lehenga, while the groom wore a Shantanu and Nikhil ensemble.

When they arrived at the henna section, Dhruv jumped off their horse five minutes early because he wanted to ensure that all was going as planned.

Are Irina and Dhruv still together?

  • Yes

Looking at their Facebook profiles, it appears that Irina and Dhruv are still happily married following the Netflix series.

They have been enjoying cycling in the snow together, as of December 2020.

Irina also posted picture of them at their wedding, and made it her profile picture, in February 2020.

It appears that Irina and Dhruv prefer to keep their social media profiles very lowkey, and do not seem to be very public about their relationship.



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