Discovery+ is bringing out a new season of 40 Year Old Property Virgin. However, the show could face speculation about its ‘realness’.

It shows first-time home buyers trying to find their perfect place, while dealing with the opinions of family, friends and nosy neighbours.

Each episode focuses on 40-year-old couples or individuals who are still living at home – such as their parents’ basement – but are ready to move on.

So, we got down to grips with whether 40 Year Old Property Virgin is real or not, and uncovered the rumors that may circle the Discovery+ show.

Screenshot: 40 Year Old Property Virgin Sneak Peek | HGTV YouTube
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Why do people think Property Virgins is fake?

Several viewers think the show, which originally aired on HGTV as ‘Property Virgins’, could be fake because of what looks like “acting” to them.

Another rumor going around is that some of the properties featured during the “house hunt” may not even be for sale.

However, there are a few people who disagreed with the show being fake, and actually think it is realistic as each couple does not always move out.

Viewers react to Property Virgins

Looking at social media and online reports, there are contrasting views about whether Property Virgins is real or not.

However, the original Property Virgins show is different to 40 Year Old Property Virgin, so the scrutiny doesn’t completely apply.

One report by realtydrama states: “Sometimes, producers will choose a home and ask the virgin to fake that they really want it — because the home’s dimensions are more suitable for camera work than, say, a home that is actually up for sale.”

One fan wrote: “There used to be a show on there called Property Virgins that was less obviously fake.

“There was even an episode where the counter for number of houses looked at went to like 85 or something, and it ended with the couple not finding a house yet.”

Is 40 Year Old Property Virgins real?

  • At the time of writing, there is no confirmation that it is not real

Originally a HGTV show, it is likely that it is just as real as other home renovation and purchase series that feature across the network.

Plus, the people starring on the show are definitely real, as we have found some of them on Instagram and Twitter.

A homebuyer who appeared on Property Virgins wrote: “I was on one of your shows when I bought my home and would like to know how I can get a copy of my episode. Property Virgins Canada, S4 “Jason” Please DM me!”

Of course, there may be scenes that have been re-shot or dramatized for TV purposes, but Discovery+ or HGTV have not ever said it is not real.

The description says: “A unique set of older house hunters are ready to move out from the comfort of shared spaces and find their first home.”



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