Fans of TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons will be pleased that the family have a new series coming out on May 25th. So, is Anna still in college?

The reality TV stars, who are recognised as “the world’s largest known family of achondroplasia dwarfs”, involves Anna, who was adopted.

Parents Trent and housewife Amber have two biological children — Jonah and Elizabeth – while Anna, Alex and Emma were adopted.

It was inevitable that some of the children would eventually move out, get an education and later, jobs. Here’s the latest on Anna’s college journey.

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Reactions: Anna going to college

The 7 Little Johnstons star, who is currently 21 years old, clashed with her parents when they suggested for her to live at college.

Anna being encouraged to get a further education and stay there was not well-received by several fans, as they did not agree with it.

One fan wrote: “It almost seemed as though they did send Anna away to college because she was not “behaving”.”

Another said: “So I’m watching #7LittleJohnstons and they’re basically treating Anna going to college as shipping her off to boarding school.

“STOP telling kids they need to go to college at 18! Some people aren’t ready and that’s ok! College should be something you’re excited about not forced.”

Did Anna Johnston go to college?

  • Yes, Anna went to college

During the previous season in 2020, Anna was seen heading off to college.

She has since revealed that she loves college. According to her Facebook, she began studying at Gordon Stage College in 2019.

Since then, reports state that Anna did go to stay and study at North Georgia Technical College, in Georgia.

Anna had announced that she doesn’t plan to come home every weekend, as her college is only two hours away.

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Is Anna still in college?

  • Yes, Anna continues to attend college

When the pandemic hit, it was announced that Anna did well during her first year, and that she was back home taking classes online.

She returned home around mid-March in 2020 to continue studying, but it is not known if she has been able to return classes in person.

Anna also has an online side business called Fizz4Passion, where she sells jewellery and accessories, which are mostly splattered paint bracelets.

She is studying early childhood education at college, and made the president’s list there in 2020, on top of becoming a resident assistant.

This means that she has been helping other students living in her dorm. 



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