Is Erica Shemwell pregnant? Fans question The Blended Bunch mom!
Screenshot: The Blended Bunch TLC - YouTube

Is Erica Shemwell pregnant? Fans question The Blended Bunch mom!

Erica Shemwell currently looks after 11 children on TLC’s The Blended Bunch. She recently left fans thinking she could be pregnant…

The series follows the lives of a Utah-based blended family, after parents Spencer and Erica Shemwell found love after losing their former partners.

Their children come from each of their previous marriages, and now form a busy household for the Shemwells – and it’s all captured on TLC.

So, is Erica Shemwell pregnant? Fans continue to wonder if The Blended Bunch mom could have a baby on the way.

Screenshot: The Blended Bunch TLC – YouTube

Who is Erica Shemwell?

Erica Shemwell is a 33-year-old mother who stars on The Blended Bunch.

During The Blended Bunch, Erica says: “I love being a mom and I love spending time with my kids. It can be a little difficult sometimes...”

The family lives in Lehi, Utah. Combining married life and the blending of their children, Erica and Spencer have a lot on their plate in the show.

She met her husband Spencer through an online support group for people whose spouses have passed away.

Her first husband, Tony, passed away after a battle with brain cancer, while she was pregnant with her seventh child.

Who are Erica’s children?

Erica is a mother to seven children from a former marriage – Emma, Landon, Caleb, Amelia, Lily, Tanner and Sophie.

She’s also a step-mother to her husband Spencer’s four kids from a previous marriage with Aimee. His children are Brayden, Harper, Avery and Bexley.

Currently, Erica and Spencer are planning to change the children’s last names, and have decided to legally adopt each other’s kids.

If the adoption plan goes ahead, this will mean that Erica’s children take Spencer’s last name.

Is Erica Shemwell pregnant?

  • At the time of writing, it has not been confirmed that Erica is pregnant

Several fans thought Erica could be making a pregnancy announcement, when a preview clip showed her holding her tummy.

She was about to have a conversation with her brother and parents, who said it is normally a pregnancy announcement when she says those words.

But she later revealed that her and Spencer are looking to adopt their children, which is the current focus of The Blended Bunch.

Since the series was filmed, there are no signs of pregnancy on the Shemwells’ Instagram page, nor on her Facebook profile.



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