Is Instagram working again? - What the hell happened?
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Is Instagram working again? - What the hell happened?

If you’re trying your best to stalk your favourite reality TV stars on Instagram then you’re probably not having much luck.

Instagram went down in the U.K on Wednesday (October 3rd) morning.

On both mobile and laptop, the social media platform is being unresponsive. Pictures, videos and profiles are not loading on the mobile app while most people are seeing a blank white screen with ‘5xx Server Error’ when viewing Insta from an internet server.

So is Instagram working again in the U.K? If not, should I do to fix it?

Screen Shot: down – a MAP of the shortage

Is Instagram Working Again?


Instagram is back online and working, so it’s all systems go and full steam ahead to uploading pictures!

Why Was Instagram Not Working?

From 8.16 am this morning until around 9.09 am (Wednesday, October 8th) Instagram received thousands of complaints about the platform not working.

It’s wasn’t just in the U.K, however, with large parts of the U.S.A, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Main Issues:

  • Newsfeed (50%)
  • Log-in (26%)
  • Website (23%)

There was been no official word from Instagram as to why the platform was down. However, it has been a difficult time for the company over the past few days.

Two founders recently left social media giant amid rumours that they disagreed with owners Facebook over how the company should continue in the future.

The recent weekend also saw yet another Facebook hack reveal, where it emerged that Insta users may have also suffered if they had used their Facebook log-in to create their Instagram account.

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