Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is making some splash online these days as her latest social media posts have fans believing that she is pregnant.

Teen Mom 2‘s season 11 is currently airing on MTV and we are watching some major developments in the lives of the cast members – Ashley Jones, Briana De Jesus, Jade Cline, Kail Lowry and Leah Messer.

However, OG Teen Mom star Maci is also making headlines these days. Speculations about whether a cast member is pregnant or not are always swirling around on social media. Most castmates choose not to respond to these rumours and wait for the show’s new season to go on air and put them to rest.

However, this time around, Maci has taken a different route.

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Is Maci Bookout pregnant?

Maci took to her social media recently to confirm that she is indeed pregnant again. The mom of three shared on her Instagram story and Twitter that she is in the 12th week of her pregnancy.

Her snap doesn’t show her face, but does show her and husband Taylor McKinney holding multiple sonogram pictures and a board that reads: “12 Weeks: The hardest secret we’d ever had to keep.”

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How fans caught wind of Maci’s pregnancy

Most recently, the Teen Mom star sparked pregnancy claims after showing off her new Things That Matter clothing line.

Maci and Taylor decided to model the jackets and other pieces of clothing themselves and many fans thought that they had spotted a baby bump.

A look at Maci’s company TTM Lifestyle

Maci’s TTM Lifestyle has some of the best collections of casual clothing. The brand sells everything from tees, tank-tops, hoodies, sweatpants, mugs, bags and hats among other products.

They also have an exclusive kids’ apparel collection.

Most products are highly affordable with prices ranging between $5 to $65.

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