Is My Lottery Dream Home fake? Fans claim HGTV series is not genuine!

Host David Bromstad is seen showing clients around multi-million dollar properties on My Lottery Dream Home. But, is the show fake?

The HGTV series often features lottery winners who hope to purchase a new dream property with their new wad of cash.

Millionaires are shown three properties on each episode, such as seven-figure listings, 10-acre properties, and nine-bedroom mansions.

So, is My Lottery Dream Home fake? Let’s find out if viewers are close to the truth, or far from it, within their claims about how genuine the show is.

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Fans claim My Lottery Dream Home is ‘fake’

Several viewers have accused the HGTV show of being ingenuine, but some have praised My Lottery Dream Home for being realistic.

A fan wrote on Twitter: My favorite thing about #MyLotteryDreamHome is how reasonable the budgets are compared to “normal” real estate shows.

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“All these lottery winners are so money smart and logical, I can actually relate to what they are buying.”

While one viewer said: “This show is so phoney! Notice when they “choose” their dream home all the same exact damn furnishings are in the home after the FAKE purchase! Meaning THEY ALREADY OWN the home!”

There has also been speculation about My Lottery Dream Home host David Bromstad, and whether his tattoos are actually real.

One fan wrote: “Either this dude from #HGTV #MyLotteryDreamHome has fake tattoos around his neck or some of the episodes were taped long ago or maybe he had them laser removed.”

Is My Lottery Dream Home fake?

  • No, the participants are actually real lottery winners

In fact, HGTV clients Keith and Charis starred on the show, and have captured photos of their beautiful new home on Instagram.

All the house hunters seen on the series have won the lottery.

It might seem too good to be true – but we do know that every participant must be under contract on a house when they sign up for the show.

So, the reality is that not all houses might actually be up for sale, much like when it was uncovered that House Hunters was staged.

It is thought that we don’t see them spending as much time on camera with the real estate agent, as you would if you were house hunting in real life.

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Are David Bromstad’s tattoos real?

Yes, David’s tattoos are real and the HGTV star is not afraid to flaunt them.

On his Instagram, he often posts pictures featuring his new tattoos and openly discussed the meaning behind them.

The 47 year-old used to work as a Disney animator and his tattoos clearly show his love for Disney’s stories and characters.

For instance, David has the Cinderella Castle Tattoo tattooed on his thigh, and his full sleeve on his right arm features tattoos of Mickey Mouse.

He often posts pictures of his newly made tattoos on his Instagram and mentions the reason for getting them done, in his captions.



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