Some audiences are calling Our Planet CGI after being left absolutely baffled by the series’ visuals, but is that the case?

It’s actually pretty easy to see why some viewers would think not all of the footage is absolutely authentic.

The show does look absolutely stunning.

So, let’s explore the reality of this fascinating new series.
Our Planet, David Attenborough, Netflix 2019

Our Planet: Netflix

David Attenborough’s new documentary nature series landed on Netflix on Friday, April 5th, 2019.

It’s brought to us by the same team responsible for the amazing Blue Planet and Planet Earth.

This latest effort was filmed over four years and across fifty different countries. It also boasts a phenomenal soundtrack. But, is it all authentic?
Our Planet, Netflix 2019

What does Twitter think?

Since Our Planet became available to stream, some have taken to Twitter to ponder the authenticity of the series.

Some of it is definitely hard to believe…

Our Planet: CGI

Attenborough’s documentaries are renowned for displaying the most overwhelming images from our reality.

Our Planet makes no exceptions.

Visually, everything the audiences sees has been captured in real life by the crew. Of course, the project took years to develop, but this fact makes it so worth it.
Our Planet, David Attenborough, Netflix, 2019

How did they do it?

Our Planet benefit greatly from an unbelievably skilled crew.

The creative team made the most of such equipment as infrared cameras, drones, high definition cameras and a range of lenses; these allowing the team to shoot from a great distance with clarity in some cases.

It’s truly a remarkable achievement of documentary filmmaking.


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