Is Season 5 of The Last Alaskans cancelled? Ashley Selden reveals Discovery 'shelved' the show!

The Last Alaskans takes us through the bitter cold journey of living among wildlife, showing the daily rituals of several families who live in the wilderness.

The Discovery show reveals what it’s like to be in the very middle of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. It follows the lives of Heimo Korth and wife Edna, Bob Harte, and young couple Tyler and Ashley Selden.

But after over a year’s long wait for Season 5, it was revealed by a cast member that Discovery “shelved” the channel. But has the show actually been cancelled? Will we be getting another season this year? We done some research to find out!

Screenshot: Bob Harte (right) on The Last Alaskans, Season 2, Discovery

Has The Last Alaskans been cancelled?

Although Discovery has not officially announced that The Last Alaskans has been cancelled, cast member Ashley Selden has taken to her blog to tell fans that the channel has “shelved” the series. The last season (Season 4) of the show, which premiered on November 25 2018, continued to air until January 27 last year.

However, this was the last time that the wilderness reality series appeared on our screens. Fans were expecting to see the show air at around November 2020.

Ashley made the announcement of the show being cancelled on her blog on June 11, but we are waiting for Discovery to make a formal announcement about any cancellation.

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Ashley Selden talks The Last Alaskans

The Last Alaskans follows the lives of Ashley and Tyler Selden, having first met at college in Duluth, Minnesota. The trappers wife and mother lives just outside of Fairbanks in Alaska for one part of the summer, with Tyler, and for the rest of it, in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

She regularly writes a blog, where she announced the cancellation of The Last Alaskans. Ashley said:

Many have wondered why it was cancelled and if there is any hope of its eventual return. Discovery Channel didn’t have the common courtesy to inform us that they were shelving the series, let allow explain their reasons for doing so.  Hell, they never even bothered with an explanation for their many disgruntled customers, though the strong negative reaction to its cancelling must have been impossible for even them to ignore.

Ashley went on to say what could have led to the cancellation:

I could speculate as to why they cancelled it, and there probably were several legitimate reasons, the most important one being that it very likely just cost too much to make and the size of audience that it drew was simply not large enough to justify the budget.

Fans share heartbreak over show cancellation news

Viewers who describe themselves as “loyal die-hard fans” have put their anger into action, following the cancellation rumours. Some have started an online petition urging Discovery or another outlet to pick up the show.

One Twitter user stated her friend was on The Last Alaskans and that they were told of the cancellation over email.



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