Is 'So Freakin Cheap' real? Truth about new TLC series!

TLC is launching a new show, where four families are seen trying to save every penny they can to keep as many pennies stacked up.

From as cheap as a $750 wedding, to diving in dumpsters, these families will “stop at nothing to spend nothing”, according to TLC.

There’s always a way to try and save yourself some cash in these TLC star’s eyes, such as painting an entire home using free paint samples.

Due to the extraordinary lengths the cast go to save their money, some viewers might be wondering if So Freakin Cheap is actually real.

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Is ‘So Freakin Cheap’ real?

  • Yes, So Freakin Cheap tells real-life stories, but there is speculation

TLC claims to be a television network which offers “remarkable real-life stories without judgment”, and they mainly air reality TV shows.

There has been no confirmation that So Freakin Cheap isn’t real, despite the extreme lengths that the families go to.

However, many fans have compared the new series to former TLC programme Extreme Cheapskates – which was rumoured to be fake.

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A Reddit user revealed two pictures next to each other, claiming it is “proof that TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates is fake”.

They said that “‘Christina Oster’ from Worst Cooks in America is also “Kia Campbridge from Extreme Cheapskates“.

Comments included “a lot of reality shows are actors” and “literally everything on television is fake”. But one said they refuse to believe it.

Are the ‘So Freakin Cheap’ families real?

  • Yes, we have found them on Instagram

Some of the Tran family members, which consists of six people, are on Instagram. This suggests the families are real.

The family mom Rosanna, can be found on IG at @rosannatran__. Her bio states that she’s “CEO of Eventolando”, an event planning business.

We also found Shelley Watson on Instagram, who previously appeared on Extreme Cheapskates in the past. But she hasn’t posted since 2020.

It’s also possible that many of the cast members don’t have phones, in an attempt to save as many pennies as possible!

Past speculation about TLC shows may mean that those appearing on So Freakin Cheap could be actors, but this is not confirmed.

Fans react to ‘So Freakin Cheap’

Families will be sharing their daily lives, which may include extreme lengths – including rescuing flowers from funeral homes.

So, it’s no wonder that fans are heavily opinionated on the show – but many have expressed their excitement to watch the new series.

One reacted to the So Freakin Cheap trailer and said: “Lawd, where does TLC find these crazy folks. I love it, bring all the mess.”

Several think the show is similar to Extreme Cheapskates, which aired for two years, from 2012 to 2014 on TLC.

Another fan wrote: “This seems like a more satisfying version of Extreme Cheapskates, where they actually try to address the reason behind the issue and help the families a little.”



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