Brand new Channel 4 series The Circle has been a huge hit in the U.K.

The so-called social media series is almost like something out of Black Mirror, with the lines between reality and the digital world seriously blurred.

Alex Hobern was crowned the overall winner, as he Catfished his way to a combined prize money total of £75,000 by fronting as a girl named Kate.

Question is, are there any extra episodes or catch up episodes to come?

The Circle: Fiji the turtle HAS TWITTER – Dan’s pet is hilarious!



Is The Circle on Tonight?

No! The Circle is not tonight.

There was a bonus episode called The Circle Uncovered on Tuesday, October 16th.

However, that was the best last episode in the brand new series.


Catch Up with The Circle Online

You can catch up with the entire The Circle series online.

Your best bet for whole episodes and clips is the Channel 4 website. Simply head over to

Channel 4 uses the All4 service – home to recently aired shows and box sets of old faves.

Screen Shot: Dan - The Circle episode 14 - Channel 4

Screen Shot: Dan – The Circle episode 14 – Channel 4

Is The Circle on Netflix?

Not at the moment, but they do tend to put complete series on for streaming once they’ve all aired.

If the series stays as popular as it has been, expect plenty of streaming and pay-to-watch services to get in on the act soon.

In the meantime, if you have Sky or Virgin, don’t forget they have their own catch-up services for you to stream.




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