Is the new season of VIKINGS on Amazon Prime? - when will season 6 air?

Historical drama series Vikings dates all the way back to 2013, when it first launched on the History Channel.

While the series may have fallen under speculation from critics for its historical inaccuracies, everyone else is under the impression that Vikings is pretty damn entertaining – who actually cares about factual history, eh!

Vikings is now heading towards series 6, so let’s catch up with how you can watch it.

Vikings Season 5

The fifth season of Vikings started airing in November 2017 but was split into a two-part event with ten episodes each.

The first part of the season left fans desperate for more yet they didn’t get the second half until November 2018.

It was cunning play by the producers, who were able to attract a wider audience thanks to the mid-season break, with new viewers given time to binge what the first half of the series before the second part even came out.

Is the New Season of Vikings on Amazon Prime?

The fifth season of Vikings is due to conclude on January 30th, 2019, with the twentieth episode.

Episode 17, ‘What Happens in the Cave’ aired yesterday (Thursday, January 10th) and the series is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

However, it’s set to end soon – so, what next? 

Vikings Season 6 Release Date

A sixth season of Vikings has been confirmed, and was ordered before the premiere of the fifth. Sadly, it will be the final season.

Despite the sad news, the season will contain an impressive 20 episodes, so there is still lots of the story left to be told.

It is currently in production, and although there is no release date confirmed as of yet, we can probably expect to see it this year, and on Amazon Prime Video.

Vikings Season 6 Cast

Vikings cast members will surely be returning, and announcements of new faces are already beginning to emerge. Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky will be appearing as Oleg of Novgorod, ruler of the Rus people.

The actress who plays Lagertha, Katheryn Winnick, is reportedly directing an episode of the season also.



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