Is Netflix's Dating Around star Luke still single? Or did he and Victoria truly hit it off?

Whether you were balled over with awe or simply a little envious with the dates on new Netflix series Dating Around, you’re probably wondering where the cast are now.

The main man of the series was Luke Hawksworth, who kicked off the show in style.

However, perhaps his luck on the five dates ceased with the show. We’re all wondering it – is Dating Around star Luke still single?

Dating Around / Luke

Dating Around: Where Are They Now?

There’s still not much news after the show regarding who stayed together.

As of yet, it doesn’t look like any of Luke’s co-stars have fallen madly in love.

Yet, Luke – we knew he could be a bit of a cheeky chap – has left a bit of a hint.

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Dating Around: Luke Hawksworth

Luke proved to be quite the ladies man on the show. After a string of successful dates, he chose Victoria for a second.

They were a captivating match and comfortably the couple that everyone was rooting to give it a good go on the outside

However, there’s no mention of Victoria on his Gram’

He recently posted on Instagram: “I tried my best dancing with Betty on our date but still have a lot to learn! Who can teach me!?”

Is Dating Around’s Luke Single?

It appears so!

Unless he’s great at keeping secrets, it looks as if Luke and Victoria have not gone on to become the Instagram couple that we all craved.

Luke has posted about the show numerous times. On February 18th he posted that he’d met up with the cast. Sadly, there was no special shoutout for Victoria.



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