Is The Super Salon on TONIGHT? - When does it finish?

Brand new reality documentary The Super Salon is proving a massive hit on E4.

Each episode explores what goes on behind the four walls of a mega salon in Sheffield, with more gossiping, drama and arguing than you could ever imagine.

Is it back on tonight? And how many episodes are there in the series?

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Is The Super Salon on Tonight?

No, The Super Salon is not on tonight.

The season was a four-part season and has now finished.

Catch Up with Super Salon Online


There is a quick and easy way to watch the entire Super Salon series.

All four episodes are on the official Channel 4 media player, All4.


Episodes ar only available for another 24 days, so head over to as quickly as possible.

The Super Salon E4

What is The Super Salon About?

The Super Salon gives us an inside look into the booming business of salons.

Co-owners Dan and Cherise have their work cut out for them. There are arguments to referee, promotions to run, staff to supervise. Somewhere in there, the haircuts and other treatments have to get done, too!

There’s also the small case of some rather infamous staff parties. And in this case, what happens at the work party, doesn’t stay at the work party!

Where is The Super Salon?

The Super Salon’s real name is actually The Stylebar.

The enormous salon is quite literally every girl’s dream and is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

It’s a one-of-a-kind beauty paradise with the best service and the wildest parties.

The beauty business is family run. Cherise and her brother, Dan, are head honchos at The Stylebar and we’re expecting to see them butt heads on multiple occasions.




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