Who is Jaboire on 16 & Pregnant? Updates on Kyla’s baby daddy!


Who is Jaboire on 16 & Pregnant? Updates on Kyla's baby daddy!

Jaboire is the father of Kyla’s child on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, as we follow Kyla and Jaboire’s relationship timeline. So, who is he?

They are one couple of several, whose lives as teenage parents are followed on the series – which usually happens while they try to juggle school life.

We may have gotten to know new mom Kyla pretty well, but several fans might be wanting to find out more about her boyfriend Jaboire.

So, who is Kyla’s baby daddy Jaboire? How did they meet and are they still together post-filming? Let’s find out who he is…

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Who is Jaboire?

Jaboire is Kyla’s boyfriend and father of her child.

During filming, Kyla revealed that they are both working to finish up high school, and that she hopes they will get to college one day.

However, their plans had to change when she became pregnant.

He admitted he felt scared about having a child, as they are still young.

It is not known exactly how old Jaboire is, however it is likely he is around the same age as Kyla, who is 18 years old.

Kyla and Jaboire: Relationship timeline

The couple have known each other since sixth grade.

Kyla and Jaboire, who doesn’t get along with his mom like Kyla and her own mom, then became on-and-off in ninth grade.

He moved in with Kyla’s mom into his girlfriend’s bedroom, while Kyla continues to live at her aunt’s house.

They have been in a relationship since January 18, 2017.

Where are Kyla and Jaboire now?

Their son Kasen Lamont Jones was brought into the world in October 2020.

They celebrated his first Halloween a more than a month later, with Jaboire referring to their son as his “twin”.

Kyla and Jaboire are still happily loved up and in a relationship.

Jaboire continues to live in Carolina, and graduated from high school during the same month their son was born.



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