Jack Fincham accent: Where is the Love Island star from?

Jack Fincham is a man of many accents.

The Love Island 2018 star has provided endless entertainment in the villa with his hilarious Yorkshire impressions and imitations of Scottish co-star Laura Anderson.

But what about Jack’s day-to-day accent?

Just how ‘Danny Dyer’ is Jack when it comes to the cockney accent?

Screen Shot: Jack Fincham sleep outside, Love Island 2018, series 4, Episode 24

Where is Jack Fincham From?

The 26-year-old pens salesman is from Kent.

And for those with geography as good as Hayley Hughes, Kent is a county in South East England.

It’s not in London, although its border does touch Greater London, along with Essex.

Here, just look at the f*cking map (the red border is Kent)

What is Jack Fincham’s Accent?

Jack Fincham’s accent is basically a typical Kent accent.

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It’s not quite a full Essex accent but it’s not cockney London either.

If anything, you could say that Jack sounds more on the TOWIE scale of accents, considering the majority of his home friendship group are from Essex.

What Accent is Danny Dyer?

Jack is dating Dani Dyer, who like her dad, Eastenders actor Danny Dyer, has a much more sharp-sounding cockney accent.

Cockney rhyming slang is a typical trait of the accent although we are yet to hear Dani use any of this on Love Island series four – although she and Jack are in pole position to claim the series honey.

Love Island: SR4: Ep29 on ITV2 – Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

What About’s Jack’s Yorkshire Accent?

Okay, so now we are talking.

Love Island Jack’s Yorkshire accent is probably one of the best things to come out of series four.

Sitting by the pool and practising the Yorkshire accent as if he was auditioning for Emmerdale is one of Jack’s favourite pass times!



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