Jackie Sorkin's idea for Home for The Holidays struck while "broke and pregnant"
Screenshot: Jackie Sorkin, Candified: Home for the Holidays | Premieres December 1 | A Hulu Original, Hulu YouTube

Jackie Sorkin's idea for Home for The Holidays struck while "broke and pregnant"

Jackie Sorkin, otherwise known as the ‘Candy Queen’, has officially launched her new Hulu show Candified: Home for the Holidays.

The four-part series and her team of candy artists have the challenge to make a house completely out of sweet treats in just six weeks.

Known globally for her candy artistry, some of Jackie’s clients include Oprah, Katy Perry, The Kardashian’s and Justin Bieber, to name a few.

Jackie spoke to Reality Titbit ahead of the show’s launch, and revealed just how she came up with the idea for her candy-filled company…

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Candified | Home for the Holidays Trailer | Hulu

Candified | Home for the Holidays Trailer | Hulu

Who is Jackie Sorkin?

Jackie is the co-founder and co-creator at Miami Sweet, Candytopia and Candy Kingdom, and is better known as the “Candy Queen”.

Some fans may remember that her company Candy Kingdom was previously called Hollywood Candy Girls in 2008.

Besides owning a retail Sweet Shoppe and Fun Foods Catering & Event production company, she’s made quite the name for herself in TV.

Jackie starred in Netflix’s Sugar Rush and Sugar High, Unique Sweets on Cooking Channel, and Food Network’s Chopped Junior and Dessert Wars.

She also starred in her very own show called Candy Queen for TLC. 

Jackie talks Home for the Holidays

Jackie exclusively told Reality Titbit that the idea for her candy-based company came when she was “broke and pregnant”.

After revealing that her new Hulu show has been “14 years in the making”, we asked the TV host what exactly this means.

She said:

I started my company 14 years ago and as cliché as it may sound- it all came to life out of my condo’s garage while I was broke and pregnant. I could not stop and still can’t and I obsessively count every single year it’s taken myself and my team to get to where we are today. I’m proudest of 14 years of never giving up, although I wanted to and could have numerous times. Just keep going- my mantra forever. 

Of course, the Candy Queen has always had a sweet tooth, which is what got her to where she is today. She now has a “life created by Candy”.

Filmed at her Candy Workshoppe in LA, and in a warehouse they scouted to create their Candified house, her engineer husband even gets involved!

Jackie Sorkin, Candified: Home for the Holidays. Owner: Brooke Levenstein.
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Her peers thought she was “weird”

Jackie hasn’t always had it easy. Before stardom, her passion for candy wasn’t praised as high as her work is now.

Revealing she was always considered “too weird”, too sensitive, or too creative, the Hulu star didn’t let haters stop her from reaching her dreams.

Her positivity shines through, which is why Jackie wants to encourage others to chase their own unique dreams, regardless of being different.

I hope viewers are encouraged to create more, to dream big & to dare to be different. I was always considered “too weird”, too sensitive, too creative. I think differently, I see the world differently and am fuelled by my passion, purpose, and highest calling, which is embracing being The Candy Queen and creating experiences that encourage others to escape into a world of pure imagination and fun. I only want to exist for good things. I think the world needs more of that.

Now, Jackie considers her Candified co-stars her “crazy candy family”, who just happen to be her favorite people ever!



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