I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is into its final week and this season has seen the celebs be more honest and open than ever before.

From opening up about their families, political views and personal struggles, the twelve celebrities have shared all.

But it isn’t just their emotions and thoughts they’ve been sharing, as this season has seen quite a lot of skin paraded around the main camp… and we’re not just talking about in the infamous I’m A Celeb shower scenes!

Former rugby star James Haskell has been shirtless for a vast majority of the season. By now, viewers are well adjusted to seeing James’ incredibly ripped physique. But what viewers are more interested is James’ tattoos and their meaning, rather than his 6-pack.

So, how many tattoos does James have? What do they all mean?

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How many tattoos does James Haskell have?

As James Haskell has been flashing lots of skin on I’m A Celebrity this year, viewers have got a good look at his tattoos.

From what we’ve seen on the show and his Instagram, James has eight tattoos.

There is one big one on his right ankle, two on his bridge of his feet, and the other two major ones are on his inside biceps. Then James has three smaller tattoos on his foot. One of which is a cupcake, dedicated to his wife Chloe!

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What do James’ tattoos mean?

James’ biggest ankle tattoo is of a lion. It looks like the lion crest from the England football shirt, although it is unconfirmed whether that is what it represents.

The large tattoo on James’ left bicep is actually two tattoos together. One is a number in Roman numerals – MCCLXXXIV – which is his England ID, ‘1284’. The other is a quote.

The quote on his arm reads ‘the best revenge is living well’. This is paraphrased from an original quote by 17th century Welsh poet, George Herbert. The original quote is: “Living well is the best revenge.”

His right bicep harder to decipher. However, it looks as if James has a skull and swallow bird design tatted there.

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James’ feet tattoos

After he spent some time playing rugby in Japan, James got a koi fish tattooed on his left foot.

He also has a wallaby tattooed on his heel to remind him of the England tour of Australia back in 2016.

James has another tattoo on his right foot but it is unclear what the design is.



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