Jessie Holmes' injury explored and where the Life Below Zero is today

Jessie Holmes was injured on Life Below Zero, leaving fans of the star concerned about him. We found out whether he is fully recovered since the incident and gave the latest health update.

When he stopped regularly updating his social media feed, worry began to spread among viewers. He was also pictured with his arm in a sling, which only exacerbated the concerns that people had about Jessie.

Reality Titbit found out what really happened to Jessie, and how he is doing today.

How did Jessie Holmes get injured?

Jessie revealed he was in a UTV accident around July time, earlier this year.

He broke his collar bone in two places after rolling his fourth wheeler, and injured his right arm. This means he was unable to use that arm to aim and shoot a gun during the latest episode.

Many fans have since shared their wishes that they hope he takes the time to heal the injury properly.

The injury was not shown on Life Below Zero, but Jessie vaguely referred to his injured arm. He said he could no longer shoot with his right arm, but wants to protect himself out in the wilderness.

Injury update on Life Below Zero star

Since the injury, Jessie has been unable to use his right arm as often. However, the latest episode showed that the scar from the accident has mostly healed.

The Life Below Zero star said the doctor gave him the go-ahead to start getting some movement in his arm. He was also told to “keep any kind of impact down” for the next five to six weeks (from filming).

He is now well enough to train for more races, including two teams signed up for Iditarod this year. Jessie plans to re-enter the mid-distance circuit and seems more active on his Instagram.

However, he did say the injury would change his outlook on his summer. Jessie said: “I feel like I was meant to have this wake-up call and it just puts things into perspective for me.”

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Does Jessie have a wife?

Jessie is not currently married, and hasn’t confirmed being in a relationship.

However, recent pictures with a woman named Julie suggest she could be his girlfriend. However, this is unconfirmed and it is possible they are just friends who enjoy dog racing together.

He spends most of his time with his multiple dogs, as seen on Life Below Zero.

Jessie has a cute dog called Rosie, alongside 14 other furry friends. He recently traveled out to the road system with them and was headed to Nenana for Thanksgiving dinner!

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