Was JJ Da Boss in a fire? Street Outlaws fans question AZN's latest Instagram post!

Fans of JJ Da Boss are concerned about the Street Outlaws star, after AZN posted an Instagram post of his trailer on fire.

The Memphis spin-off of Street Outlaws showcases JJ Da Boss and his family and friends taking on the underground racing scene.

Fans of the Discovery Channel series are now voicing their worries, after clothing store operator AZN posted a shocking post of JJ Da Boss’ trailer.

So was JJ Da Boss in a fire? What happened to the race car driver?

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AZN devotes Instagram post to JJ Da Boss

Fans started to get worried after Street Outlaws star AZN posted a picture of JJ Da Boss’ trailer, which looked as though it had been involved in a fire.

The emergency services appeared to be at the scene, where well-known cars Ole Heavy and Ziptie were destroyed in the fire.

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AZN told his followers that he has “no idea what happened”.

Reports state the fire took place on the I40 in Memphis.

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Street Outlaw fans discuss AZN’s post

Fans believe the fire was caused by trailer brakes and hub bearings being out of adjustment and rub.

Earlier this month, Street Outlaws star James Goad lost his two cars Reaper and Orange in a trailer fire.

Regular viewers of the Discovery series are shocked that another trailer fire has happened, with many saying something “fishy” has taken place.

Looking on Twitter, it’s clear that fans are heartbroken over the news.

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Was JJ Da Boss in the fire?

At the time of writing, it is thought that JJ Da Boss, whose real name is Jonathan Day, was not injured during the incident.

In AZN’s post, it looks like he is stood next to the trailer, and fans have stated that they are glad everyone is okay.

Many are sending prayers to JJ Da Boss and his family.



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