Jonah Johnston's reaction to Delta 8 drug was scarier than the surgery
Screenshot from TLC YouTube: Jonah Blindsides Ashley With Shocking News! | 7 Little Johnstons #7LittleJohnstons Jonah Blindsides Ashley With Shocking News! | 7 Little Johnstons

Jonah Johnston's reaction to Delta 8 drug was scarier than the surgery

If you keep up to date with the 7 Little Johnstons on TLC, you’ll know that Jonah recently underwent surgery on his wisdom teeth. The entire ordeal was pretty scary for everyone involved and it came out earlier this week that he had an intense reaction to the anaesthesia he used, Delta 8. 

Reality Titbit has all the details on what happened to Jonah as well as an explanation of what the drug is, keep reading to find out. 

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Generation Drag | Official Trailer | discovery+

Generation Drag | Official Trailer | discovery+
Jonah Johnston. Picture: Jonah Blindsides Ashley With Shocking News! | 7 Little Johnstons

What happened to Jonah?

Jonah had to undergo surgery on his wisdom teeth last month which all seemed to go well until we saw his parents receive a scary phone call during Tuesday night’s episode. 

Jonah had called his parents to say he “didn’t know what was going on” as he felt funny – which we now know was due to a bad allergic reaction to the Delta 8. His parents were very scared as they said he was “slurring his words” and “not making sense.”

Reactions to the drug aren’t abnormal but as you can imagine, the phone call would be scary for any parent. Trent and Amber Johnston were very happy that jonah chose to call them, despite it being scary. 

Fans question his parent’s reaction

Twitter was soon filled with comments on the situation with Jonah, especially when it came to discussing how his parents dealt with the situation. 

Understandably, as any parent would be, they were incredibly concerned for their son, however, they continued to bring it up to him more and more which some fans didn’t agree with. 

Something that drives me crazy about Mr. & Mrs Johnston is that they make situations about them. Their adult son had an unexpected drug experience, once, and they act like he’s a drug addict. Jonah isn’t a bad guy. Stop acting like he did this to YOU. Gee’z!


I think it was really smart of jonah to call his parents after the ordeal with the delta 8. That proved they taught him well but also the parents don’t need to keep bringing it up with him because it will push him away and he may not call if something else happens.


What is Delta 8?

According to, Delta 8 is a form of cannabinoid which can be found in hemp and cannabis. Delta 8 (THC) is a naturally occurring chemical found in the plants and due to its amazing properties, its usage and popularity is on the rise. 

Delta 8 is different to the more common forms of THC found in marijuana which is called Delta 9. The high from Delta 8 is much milder than the other and it’s used in many medical senses and can help

  • calm nausea
  • ease pain relief
  • help mental health
  • prevent vomiting and sickness during treatments

It’s not surprising Jonah had a bad reaction as it also has side effects such as confusion, anxiety and slow or fast heart rate.



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