Joseline's Cabaret reunion part 2: When is it on Zeus? Episode predictions!

Joseline's Cabaret reunion part 2: When is it on Zeus? Episode predictions!

Joseline’s Cabaret season two reunion is finally here, bringing the latest drama and gossip to our screens. Here’s the part 2 details…

The season’s reunion part one saw Mz Natural step up on Joseline’s words about Sapphire’s late baby father, and that double homicide comment.

Since it aired on The Zeus Network, viewers have many predictions about what could happen on part two, as well as questions about when it is out.

We have gathered together all the possible events that could outpour onto our screens soon. Plus, we reveal exactly when it hits the subscription site.

Screenshot: Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta | Exclusive Clip | Double Homicide | Zeus, The Zeus Network YouTube

When is the JC reunion part 2 on Zeus?

  • Joseline’s Cabaret reunion part two is out on Sunday August 8

Viewers who are eager to watch the reunion will have to wait a week.

The exact time that the second part is released is 5pm PST or 8pm EST.

So that you don’t get too bored waiting, Reality Titbit can give you some suggestions on similar reality TV shows to binge (at the end of this article).

What happened in JC reunion part one?

Several events and heated discussions were addressed in Joseline’s Cabaret reunion part one, and fans were passionate about reacting.

If you missed it, or just want a quick round-up, here’s what happened:

  • Mz Natural stood up for Sapphire regarding Joseline’s comment about her late baby father
  • They addressed the “double homicide” comment made by Big Lex
  • Luenell defended Joseline
  • Ballistic started arguing with the cast members

The majority of viewers appear to be angry at how Joseline has been treating the cast members, with some deciding to stop watching the show.

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Episode predictions for JC reunion: Part two

After a scroll on Twitter, it is clear to see that many viewers are wondering what Ballistic goes on to do in part two.

During the last few seconds of part one, he began getting angry.

He was seen sticking up for Joseline and appeared to be trying to have an argument with the girls, which some described as “fighting”.

Some think that he could start jumping up at one of the girls, such as Sapphire, who Joseline has clashed with before.

The show may have also touched on a few issues, but it is likely that they will go into further detail in part two of Joseline’s Cabaret reunion.

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