Joseline Hernandez royalties make her a Puerto Rican Queen not a Princess
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for The Zeus Network

Joseline Hernandez royalties make her a Puerto Rican Queen not a Princess

Joseline Hernandez is the Love and Hip Hop-turned Cabaret queen, known for hosting a range of entertainment performance shows. Her recent Las Vegas season sees her working with strippers and s*x workers.

The Puerto Rican Queen has been successfully working in the dance industry, but she actually first became famous when she starred on VH1 reality show Love and Hip Hop.

Since her departure, Joseline has making stacks of money by breaking a leg (not literally) on stage, and coaching others to werk the stage just as well as she can.

Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for The Zeus Network

What are Joseline Hernandez’s ‘royalties’?

Joseline claimed that the cast members on Love and Hip Hop are “working for her” in her 2017 song ‘Run Me The Money’, which was thought to be an unconfirmed diss record aimed at show creator Mona. The lyrics say:

The show people, let’s just get this very clear, all them bitches that go through Love & Hip Hop, they work for me. I get royalties on all them asses, so that was the inspiration.

She once walked off set and quit the show during a taping of the season’s reunion special, during tensions with executive producer Mona Scott-Young. However, the song claims have never been confirmed.

She was previously a main cast member on LAHH for six seasons, when she appeared as Stevie J’s new artist who it was later revealed she was romantically involved with. This happened while he was in a relationship with Mimi Faust.

Joseline reportedly made $400K per season while filming for the VH1 show, which was far higher than her female co-stars. The Atlanta show is thought to be the highest-rated franchise, averaging 3.5 million viewers an episode.

In 2019, VH1 announced that Joseline would return to the franchise after a three year hiatus, joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami in season three. She also has her own reality show called Joseline’s Cabaret.

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas | Official Trailer | Zeus

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas | Official Trailer | Zeus

Joseline’s net worth explored

Joseline has a net worth of $400K as of 2022. While she earned more than her female co-stars on LAHH, many have questioned why it is not any higher due to her massive success in the entertainment industry.

After going through a rough childhood within the public housing system of Puerto Rico, she turned things around for herself after Stevie J spotted her performing as a stripper at Onyx Club.

Her net worth has increased since 2021, when she had a net worth of $300K. This was a surprisingly low amount compared to what her fans expected. But back in 2019, she was sued for unpaid rent in a since-dropped case.

She reportedly owed over $2,300 at the time, but was one of the highest-paid earners on the VH1 show.

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How much is her yearly salary?

Joseline appears to be living pretty comfortably, which is only heightened by reports, which state that she makes a six-figure salary on The Zeus Network’s Joseline’s Cabaret. Looking at her Instagram, she’s always wearing designer!

Since her initial claim to fame on Love and Hip Hop, the reality star’s salary has never gone below six figures. And now that three seasons of her popular reality show has been released, it’s only expected to go up over time.

She is also engaged to music producer Ballistic Beats, who is thought to be worth $1million.



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