What is Justin Glaze’s ethnicity? Is he Black? The Bachelorette star's personal life explored!

What is Justin Glaze’s ethnicity? Is he Black? The Bachelorette star's personal life explored!

Season 17 of The Bachelorette came to a close tonight (August 9) after a lot of drama. While Katie Thurston decided to pick Blake Moynes, fans have continued to express their interest in her ex, Justin Glaze, who made it to the final two. Owing to his looks, many viewers are curious about his ethnicity. 

When the latest season was nearing its end, Justin’s parents refused to attend the hometown date, where they would’ve got to meet Katie. As a result, many viewers are keen to learn more about his personal life. Some are even rallying to see him in the next season of The Bachelor

Justin Blaze’s ethnicity explored! 

Justin and Katie came a long way, but the bachelorette’s heart was someplace else when he expressed his feelings to her. Although he didn’t end up with Katie, fans are hoping to see more of him on-screen, thanks to his good looks and charming personality! 

According to Height Zone, Justin is half white and half Black, born to American and African parents. He was brought up by his mother, Deborah, and father, Mark G. 

Furthermore, his grandfather, Jackson, is believed to have served in the military during the Korean war and earned a Mother Mary Lange Service and Black Hero Award. 

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The reality star is an artist too

Justin’s Instagram is a work of art, literally! Not only is he famous for his vivid expressions, but Justin also possesses incredible artistic skills. His Instagram bio also consists of an emoji of a palette, showing his love for painting.

He has shared pictures of several of his paintings, including sketches of his own family, most notably his grandparents.

In 2014, he shared their portrait and wrote in the caption: “Portrait I drew of my amazing grandparents for a surprise gift to them. Easily my favorite work of art that I’ve done. Words can’t describe how much these two mean to me. Can’t wait to give it to them!”

Justin is reportedly an Economics major and has a minor’s degree in Visual Arts. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Technology Administration in 2016. 

Fans react to Justin’s elimination

Several fans feel Justin’s elimination was unfair. Even though Katie made it clear that her feelings for Blake were stronger, viewers believe Justin deserved a chance. Therefore, his fans are rallying to see him in the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

One wrote: “I am kind of sad that Justin didn’t start getting a great edit until the end because now he’s not going to have a chance to be the Bachelor. And I feel like he’d be a really good one.”

Another added, “I’m mad that the #bachelorette producers didn’t show Katie’s and Justin’s love story, didn’t set him up to be the Bachelor or anything on the show or AFTR. Like??? Poor Justin fr.”

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