Is Kai Kailan of Put a Ring on It on Instagram? Meet the star

Is Kai Kailan of Put a Ring on It on Instagram? Meet the star

OWN Network’s Put A Ring On It aired its season 2 reunion on Friday, September 3. The episode saw the show’s cast members come together and chat about everything that went down during the season. However, it was Alexia Adams and Kai Kailan’s interaction that became a hot topic of discussion.

Things went out of control when Alexia confronted Darion and Kai about their alleged affair.

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Is Kai Kailan on Instagram?

Put A Ring On It fans who are keen to learn all about Kai would be thrilled to know that she is in fact on Instagram. The reality star revealed on the social media app that her previous account was accidentally deleted. Hence, many fans couldn’t find her.

Kai has recently created her new handle, on which she has over 900 followers. She has barely posted on the new account yet. But, the OWN star did share some clips of herself from the recent reunion.

Her Instagram bio also reveals that the Atlanta native is the owner of the Last Minute Beauty Bar in the city. The business’ website claims that Kai sells beauty products as well as jewellery. The product range includes lip glosses, nail extensions, fake lashes, brooches, eyeliners, eyeshadows, makeup brushes and more.

Kai is also a mother to two kids.

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‘Put A Ring On It’ star’s reunion appearance explored

Kai and Alexia finally came face to face at the reunion. When confronted by Darion’s ex, Kai said, “I don’t feel I did anything wrong,” referring to the cheating allegations made against her and the rapper.

Darion, who was seated next to Kai, re-affirmed that it wasn’t her fault.

Alexia replied by asking if Kai thought “sleeping with someone when they are in a relationship isn’t wrong.” The reality star simply replied with, ‘No.’ She went on to slam Alexia by saying: “I don’t think I owe anything to you.”

The two then got into a heated argument during which Alexia accused Kai of sleeping with her “man.” Darion denied these claims by saying, “I wasn’t your man.”

In the end, Alexia thanked Kai for “taking her trash out,” referring to the end of her relationship with Darion. Following this, Kai walked out of the frame.

Kai revealed she isn’t in a relationship with Darion when one of her Instagram followers asked her about their status.

Screenshot from Kai Kailan’s/INSTAGRAM

What happened between Alexia and Darion?

Alexia and Darion were in an on-and-off relationship for 14 years. The rapper, who already has three kids from previous relationships, finally agreed to move in together after dating for 10 years. But, she was unwilling to walk down the aisle.

However, Darion’s sexual encounter with Kai became a catalyst for the end of his relationship with Alexia.

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